Onnit Review: Nutrient-Rich Supplements for Muscle Building and Overall Health

Onnit is a line of natural organic supplements which offer benefits like enhancing athletic performance, improving digestion, elevating mood, and elevating mental performance.
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What is Onnit?

When you buy an Onnit supplement, you are purchasing a quality, nutrient-rich product which offers many health benefits. This line includes supplements which build muscles, support brain health, ease joint and muscle pain, improve digestion, elevate mood, and a number of others.

They are healthy, safe, and include only organic ingredients. In addition, this company sells sports equipment like Onnit kettlebells. Here are some of the top products:

Onnit Alpha Brain – This supplement supports brain health, and can improve memory, attention span, and mental speed.

Onnit Krill Oil – High in omega 3 fatty acids, this supplement supports joint and heart health and can improve cognitive functioning.

Onnit Total Human – A potent multivitamin plus which supports the joints, brain, bones, and immune system, as well as raising mood and energy level.

Onnit New Mood – This supplement relaxes you and elevates positive mood, and it also helps you deal with day-to-day stress.

Who Owns Onnit?

The manufacturer is Onnit, which is a supplement and sports nutrition company founded in 2011 by Aubrey Marcus. Based in Austin, Texas, the company also owns a number of gyms under the name Onnit Gym. The organization identifies as a progressive health company and uses solely organic ingredients in their products. Unilever acquired them in 2021.


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Onnit?


  • Onnit includes products which improve mental processing.
  • Some supplements support the microbiome and enhance digestive health.
  • Onnit offers supplements which can build muscles and improve athletic performance.
  • The supplements are rich in essential nutrients.
  • All ingredients are 100% natural and undergo rigorous clinical testing.


  • The supplements are somewhat expensive.
  • The company doesn’t offer free samples.
  • Different users may react differently to the products.


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What Are the Ingredients in Onnit?

Here are some of the primary active Onnit ingredients:

Whey Protein – It’s a by-product of the cheese-making process. Like some other proteins, whey is very helpful in building up muscle mass and strength. In addition, it can speed up muscle recovery (1).

A study in Nutrients confirmed that whey protein can improve exercise recovery after a strenuous workout (2).

Turmeric – This plant is a common spice, and it has many health benefits. It contains anti-inflammatory agents which can effectively treat the pain and swelling of arthritis. It also has curcuminoids like curcumin which are antioxidants (3).

A systematic review published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that turmeric is effective in treating arthritis

5-HTP – This brain chemical is the precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is involved in mood. 5-HTP can raise positive mood and it may treat depression. In addition, it could also help with other psychiatric conditions, fibromyalgia, and headaches (4).

An article in Natural Medicine Journal discussed the many uses of 5-HTP, including in the treatment of depression, psychiatric disorders, and some medical conditions.


How Does Onnit Work?

There are many different products in the Onnit line for different health purposes. Most of them are rich in antioxidants, which can eliminate free radicals and lower oxidative stress. This promotes healing in the body and supports a strong immune system. The products are full of other nutrients as well like vitamins and minerals.

Many of the products aim to improve athletic performance, and they include proteins and other muscle-building ingredients which elevate mass and strength. Some products boost nitric oxide which improves blood circulation and therefore sends blood to the muscles.

Other supplements support the joints and include potent anti-inflammatory agents which reduce pain and swelling, via ingredients such as fish oil. An article in Surgical Neurology International recommends natural anti-inflammatory pain relief agents (5).

There are supplement which help with sleep, and also elevate mood by increasing the production of key neurotransmitters like serotonin. In addition, other brain chemicals support brain health and may improve cognitive performance and mental focus.

Finally, there are digestive health products that include enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics which proliferate and feed good bacteria in the gut. This can reduce symptoms like gas and bloating and promote healthier bowel movements. Harvard Health Publishing discussed the health benefits of taking probiotics (6).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where to Buy Onnit Products?
A: You can purchase the Onnit supplements from many online and offline retailers like Amazon, iHerb, and Walmart. Note that the company does offer a military discount. The prices of some of the top products are as follows:

  • Onnit Alpha Brain – $79.95 (90 capsules, one-time); $67.96 (90 capsules, subscribe)
  • Onnit New Mood – $59.90 (60 capsules, one-time); $50.92 (60 capsules, subscribe)
  • Onnit Total Gut Health – $75.90 (30 capsules, one-time); $64.52 (30 capsules, subscribe)
  • Onnit Total Human –$413.85 (90 capsules, one-time); $351.77 (90 capsules, subscribe)
  • Onnit Krill Oil – $29.95 (60 capsules, one-time); $25.46 (60 capsules, subscribe)
  • Onnit Joint Oil – $32.95 (one-time); $28.01 (subscribe)
  • Onnit Active B Complete – $15.16 (one-time and subscribe)
  • Onnit MCT Oil – $21.21 (one-time); $24.95 (subscribe)
  • Onnit Whey Protein – $50.96 (one-time); $59.95 (subscribe)

Q: Are Onnit Products Good?
A: The Onnit products are good on most levels. They use high-quality organic ingredients which are clinically tested, and which most research shows are highly effective. There are no potentially harmful ingredients like chemicals or artificial colors or flavors, and their products are safe. Most of the Onnit review posts online were from customers who loved the products and got a lot of benefit from taking them.

Q: Are Onnit Supplements Safe?
A: There’s no doubt these supplements are very safe. Onnit is a company which is very concerned about using natural, organic ingredients. The products are free of any potentially harmful chemical or artificial substances and should not lead to side effects.

Q: What Does Onnit Mean?
A: It’s not clear what the name actually means. Aubrey Marcus founded the company, and she makes no mention anywhere of why the name is what it is. Likely it’s something personal.

Q: Are Onnit Products FDA Approved?
A: The Onnit products are organic supplements, which do not undergo an approval process with the FDA. However, the FDA does look at any supplements on the market to ensure they doesn’t use toxic ingredients.

Q: Is Onnit Worth It?
A: Some of the Onnit products are slightly on the expensive side, but most of them are reasonable and no costlier than most brands of supplements on the market. For the price, you get very high quality items which, based on their ingredients, should be very effective. So yes, this brand is certainly worth it.

Q: Are Onnit Products Healthy?
A: Besides providing great medicinal and other benefits, Onnit supplements include very healthy ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids. They are high in antioxidants which destroy free radicals and promote healing in the body. They also strengthen the immune system.

Q: What Do the Onnit Reviews Say?
A: The majority of the Onnit product reviews had very positive things to say about the brand. Most users got great health benefits, whether it was enhancing their workout performance, improving digestion, boosting mood, or sharpening cognition, to name a few.

Many users said they were planning on repurchasing and also trying other supplements as well as their original purchase. There were few complaints or negative reviews of this product.



Onnit is a brand of nutritional supplements which offers a number of health advantages, including improving mood, enhancing cognitive functioning, improving digestion, building muscles, elevating athletic performance, and easing joint pain and swelling, among others. This is a quality brand made by a reputable manufacturer.

Reading through the Onnit review posts, it becomes clear that almost all of the customers really appreciated the products. There are a number of items on offer and of course some are more popular than others, but on the whole customers mentioned getting benefits for their joints, muscles, digestion, mood, brain, and many others.

The Onnit brand uses quality organic ingredients which are clinically tested, and there aren’t any potentially harmful chemical or artificial substances included. There should be no side effects accompanying the use of these supplements. Research supports the efficacy of the ingredients in these formulas.

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