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LCR Health | Live Better, Live Optimally with LCR Health Supplements

LCR Health, led by Dr. Rand McClain, offers a new groundbreaking type of research on adult stem cell therapy. Discover the cutting-edge breakthrough products Active Stem, Active-PK, QL-5 & other products designed to improve health on a cellular level with First Time Customer Discounts.
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LCR Health
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About LCR Health

LCR Health, Co-founded by Dr Rand Mcclain, is a line of scientifically-backed health supplements designed to help boost energy levels and maintain cognitive sharpness, among others.

The brand supposedly invests in highly reliable research and health technologies to create supplements that may help you feel stronger, younger, as well as achieve a generally healthy body.

In particular, LCR health supplements may support a healthier, longer, and active life, as per the producers.


What Does LCR Health Sell?

This healthcare product line offers a wide range of supplements and below are a few that are most popular.

  1. Active PK
  2. This product is meant to help your body reactivate an enzyme known as AMPK, in charge of converting food into usable energy.

    Ingredients: Berberine HCI, Quercetine dehydrate, Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract.

    Price: 1 bottle – $89.95, 3 bottles $242.85 and 6 bottles $455.70

  3. Telogenesis
  4. It promotes the production of Telomerase responsible for combating cellular aging. It supports your body to achieve optimum longevity and health.

    Ingredients: Astragulus membranaceous root extract, Ashwagandha root extract, and Uncaria tomentosa inner back extract.

    Price: 1 bottle $69.95, 3 bottles, $188.85, 6 bottles $356.70

  5. Master Cell
  6. This product is designed to support your natural cellular detox whereby it aids in clearing toxins linked to brain fog and fatigue.

    Key Ingredients: Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Folate, Zinc, Vitamin B12, and Agmatine Sulfate

    Price: 1 bottle $36.48, 3 bottles $97.43, $185.85

  7. Active Stem
  8. This product is developed to help keep your body healthy and strong. It boots adult stem cells. It has rich nutrient ingredients that support cellular repairmen.

    Key Ingredients: Vitamin D, L-Leucine, Blue Berry Fruit, and Green tea leaf extract

    Price: 1 bottle $69.00, 3 bottles $186.30, 6 bottles $330.15

  9. Sirtogen
  10. It is a capsule that helps activate your body’s sirtuins regenerative power

    Key Ingredients: Red Raspberry, blueberry, Trans-Resveratrol, and Grapeseed

    Price: 1 bottle $69.00, 3 bottles $186.30, 6 bottles $330.15

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Which Key Ingredients Does LCR Health Products Use?

Berberine HCI: This ingredient is known to lower lipids in the body. It may reduce serum cholesterol.

According to Metabolism, Berberine is a potent oral hypoglycemic agent and has a great effect on lipid metabolism.

Trans-Resveratrol: It is a natural food ingredient found in many weight loss pills with good antioxidant potential.

According to Biomedicine, Trans-Resveratrol can be extracted from a number of plants and has plenty of therapeutic effects. It has been widely used to treat various ailments such as arthritis, hepatitis, and also has a cardioprotective effect. It is regarded as one of the promising compounds in the formulation of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Green Tea Leaf Extract: This ingredient claims to be a powerful antioxidant good for your body. According to Nutrients, green tea leaf extract contains polyphenols a good component for scavenging activity. It is, therefore, a potent element for use in antiphotoaging therapy.

Blueberry: This ingredient is a source of polyphenols and has been associated with improved cardiovascular risks.

According to Advances in Nutrition: An International Review Journal, moderate intake of blueberries leads to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and improved weight maintenance as well as neuroprotection.

Ashwagandha Root Extract: This ingredient claims to treat a wide range of ailments. According to the African Journal of Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Ashwagandha root extract has many benefits. It is, therefore, a potent ingredient in the treatment of stress, neuroprotective, anti-arthritic dementia, stress-induced diseases, among other ailments.

LCR Health Reviews

Testimonials from some customers who have used lcr health active pk supplement revealed that after using the product, they are feeling better than before. They claim that the product has helped them to achieve high energy levels, minimized craving for food and they were able to maintain a small and slimmer body. Another one said that he has a great feeling of well-being because using the products has made him feel young again.

For instance, one telogenesis by LCR health review suggests that the user experienced boosted energy and strength than before, as well as clarity. Other users claim that the supplement has helped them to rebuild their muscles.

One the other hand, lrc health active stem capsules were said to have a notable antiaging effect, in that the users noted a boost in energy levels, joint strength and muscle.

Any Main Complaints for LCR Health?

At the moment there are no LCR health complaints or negative reviews given by those who have used the products, an indication that the products have been able to satisfy the needs of the users.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who Created LCR Health?
A: According to the information on the brand’s website, LCR Health is a company founded by Dr. Rand McClain, Chief Medical Officer.

Q: Is LCR Health Legit?
A: LCR line of products is a web-based supplement company known to sell high-end nutraceuticals products online. The company’s existence has been validated by Better Business Bureau.

Q: Does LCR Health Active Stem Work?
A: According to reviews available on the brand’s official website from those customers who have interacted and used this LCR product, their testimonials are proof that the product actually works as it claims to.

Q: Where to Buy LCR Health Products
A: You can buy LCR health la 3 and LCR health q15 among other products from the brand’s official website (only available online).

Q: Does LCR Health Have a Return Policy?
A: LCR health products have a 90-days money-back guarantee. If you are among the few customers who for some reason want to return your order, you can do so within 90 days from the date of receiving the product and you will be refunded your full purchase price, excluding handling and shipping fee.

Q: Does LCR Health Have a Coupon Code?
A: Yes, LCR Health products have a coupon code of free shipping for some of their products’ package offers. However, there isn’t any other LCR health promo code on the brand’s official website.

Q: How Do I Contact LCR Health?
A: LCR Health contact number is +1800-384-8308


Bottom Line

LCR Health has a wide range of products that can meet your personal health needs. There are products such as lcr health belly fat, which may supposedly help reduce the accumulation of belly fat.

On the other hand, LCR health fatty liver may help improve symptoms that stem from unhealthy liver fats. Also, if your goal is to have healthy enzymes in your system, LCR health enzyme products can help you achieve this.

The reviews from the brand’s official website show that LCR products are good and work incredibly well to give desired results. According to LCR health AMPK activator reviews, the product works as it claims.

Nonetheless, if for any reason you feel that products from this brand are not for you, you are free to try out a different brand.

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