LCR Health Master Cell Cellular Detox Support, 60 Count

Master Cell uses ingredients to help “turn on” Autophagy, resulting in a health and energy boost all throughout your body — from your mental focus to your strength and mobility.
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LCR Health
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What is Master Cell?

Master Cell is a cellular detox supplement that supports the body’s self-cleansing mechanism. This consequently promotes proper function of the body as well as improved physical activity.

Master Cell has many other benefits. For those individuals who are experiencing brain fog, low energy, joint, and muscle pain, this cellular detox helps address such health concerns. It also supports healthy immune function.

In precise, it helps improve both mental and physical energy levels in the body, boosts cognitive function, and actively initiates the body’s natural cellular detox process.

This means it helps you actively engage in the activities you loved to do during your youthful years.

What are the Benefits of Master Cell?

  • The product helps initiate the natural cellular detox journey
  • It can help you maintain high levels of physical and mental energy
  • It helps maintain healthy cognitive function
  • Support an active and stronger body
  • Promotes cellular metabolism


LCR Health Master Cell Cellular Detox- Key Facts

😊 Benefits Boost mental and physical energy,maintain healthy cognitive function,stronger,active body
💊 Ingredients Zinc,Vitamins (B12, B6, and B2) ,Agmatine Sulfate,L- Ornithine
💰 Pricing $72.95/bottle
✅ Discounts Up to 47% Off
🏢 Company LCR
Unit Count 60.00 Count
Master Cell

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What are the Ingredients in Master Cell?

Zinc – This ingredient originally promotes normal cell growth and development as well as cell division activities.

According to Advances in Nutrition and International Review-Journal, intake of zinc is critical for the growth, development, and maintenance of immune function.

Vitamins (B12, B6, and B2) – Vitamins are crucial components in dietary supplements as they are responsible for supplying raw materials that drive various metabolic processes in each of your body’s cells.

According to the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, nutrients have been found to nourish the body hence providing raw materials required for cell growth and proliferation and fuel that powers cellular metabolism.

Agmatine Sulfate – This ingredient has notable health benefits and one of them is that it strengthens the body’s defense against strokes, and improves cognitive health.

According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, studies have revealed that the intake of supplements with Agmatine Sulfate can be useful in influencing various metabolic and physiological functions.

L- Ornithine – Studies reveal that L-Ornithine is an ingredient with numerous health benefits, including improvement of liver and immune function, making it a promising component in the treatment of both developmental and health problems in humans.

According to Nutrition Journal, intake of dietary supplements with L-Ornithine has been found to play a crucial role in relieving stress and improving sleep as well as curbing fatigue-related symptoms in humans.

What is the Science of Master Cell?

This product contains a recipe founded after various successful studies and developed using clean natural ingredients to help kickstart Autophagy, hence leading to energy and health boost all through your body.

A combination of unique formula and pure clean ingredients in this supplement works through your body system to help it maintain high energy levels, healthy weight, and support long-lasting energy and vitality.



Q: Where Can You Buy Master Cell? How Much Does it Cost?
A: You can purchase Master Cell from the brand’s official website.

  • A pack of 1 bottle costs $36.48
  • A pack of 3 bottles costs 97.43
  • A pack of 6 bottles costs $185.85

Q: How Do You Take Master Cell?
A: Take two capsules per day with a full glass of water. You can take it on an empty stomach or with meals.

Q: What is the Refund Policy for Master Cell?
A: Master Cell is one of the LCR health products that come with a 90-days 100% money-back guarantee. This simply means if you change your mind and no longer wish to continue with the product, you can request back your money within 90 days from the date of placing your order.

Q: What Do the Reviewers Think of Master Cell?
A: LCR master cell reviews are to a notable extent great and positive. Most of the users are fully satisfied with the results based on their testimonies. Some users of this supplement said that the product has enabled them to achieve high energy levels and strength. Others have commented on how the supplement has helped them experience a glowing youthful look. Another customer claimed that this product has given him a general health boost.

Q: Does Master Cell Have Any Side Effects?
A: No. Master Cell is a safe supplement designed from a safety mindset; in that, it prioritizes natural ingredients. Although not expected, however, should you suspect that the product is causing any unwanted changes in your health progress, discontinue it and check with your doctor for further advice.

Q: How Does Master Cell Compare to Other Similar Products?
A: When you take a close look at the ingredients and the formula used to develop this supplement, you notice that it is as good as most cellular detox supplements that are considered premium on the market. The cost of the supplement is also averagely priced for the market.

Q: How Long Will It Take to See Results With Master Cell?
A: Since every person is unique, the users of this supplement tend to experience varied results. It can work fast for some people while others will take time to see results. According to reviews available on the brand’s website, some users were able to experience changes in their body after two weeks of taking the supplement, to some notable results come in within a month.

Q: Is Master Cell Worth It?
A: The ingredients that formulate lcr master cell are all backed by science and so there is no doubt that most users will find the supplement worth every single penny. It is also well priced based on what is already offered in the market.

Q: Is Master Cell Safe?
A: Master Cell health supplement has been developed using safe substances to ensure that it does not cause any serious health problems. Worth noting also is it is manufactured under strict safety conditions to guarantee safety.

Q: Does Master Cell Work?
A: Yes. Master Cell’s formulation is unique and with 3 potent ingredients including Agmatine, SAM-e, Ornithine. It also combines minerals and vitamins (Folate Zinc, Vitamin B6, B2, B12) all designed to make your natural cellular detox journey successful. The testimonials available on the product’s official website clearly indicate how effective this supplement is.



There are many aspects that favor this product’s ability to work as it promises. For one, the ingredients are science-supported, and to add to that, the company points out that it is third-party tested.

Besides, there is enough transparency from the producer as they have gone a step to share the exact amount per serving for each ingredient component.

Talking of its constituents, the formula selectively uses 3 sets of potent ingredients that target to help initiate autophagy, or simply the natural detox function. That is, those who wish to reclaim their youthful vigor will find Master Cell helpful.

Reviews show that Master Cell is one of the few dietary supplements in the market with the ability to adequately address various health needs, including supporting a healthy cognitive function.

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