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Morning Complete is a powerful daily wellness drink featuring a custom-selected blend of nutrients designed to support regular digestive function, daily energy levels, and overall wellness.
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What is ActivatedYou Morning Complete?

ActivatedYou Morning Complete is a product that supports general health using a strong blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and energy nutrients.

It is a green powder that supports digestive function, energy levels, and overall body wellness. Like all the products by the ActivatedYou brand, this blend follows a holistic, whole-person approach to improve general health.

ActivatedYou Morning Complete is plant-based, scientifically proven, and formulated using ingredients that adhere to environmental sustainability.

This wellness drink targets to individuals who have busy schedules and want to keep up with their nutritional needs. By consuming this product regularly, users get to experience alleviated mood, enhanced protection from daily stressors, and improved liver function as per the manufacturer’s claims.


What are the Benefits of ActivatedYou Morning Complete?

  • It supports the colonization of the gut by probiotics (healthy bacteria)
  • It enhances digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Boosts body metabolism which promotes weight loss
  • Enhance energy levels and strength
  • Improve blood sugar levels


ActivatedYou Morning Complete – Key Facts

😊 Benefits Gut Health, Heart Health, Skin Health, Weight Management
💊 Ingredients Prebiotics, Probiotics, Green Superfoods, and more
💰 Pricing $79.00/bottle
✅ Discounts Up to 15% Off
🏢 Company ActivatedYou


About the Company Behind Morning Complete

ActivatedYou Morning Complete is a dietary supplement by the ActivatedYou Company. The company is the brainchild of actress and health advocate Maggie Q. The company relies on the expertise of Dr. Frank Lipman, a famous gut-health physician and a pioneer of integrative medicine.

ActivatedYou products abide by a holistic, whole-person approach in treating health problems. Apart from the Morning Complete nutrient blend, the company sells other notable products such as Adrenal Life, Advanced Restorative Protective, and Active Enzyme.

ActivatedYou Morning Complete

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What are the Ingredients in ActivatedYou Morning Complete?

Alfalfa leaf This ingredient is a great source of vitamin A, calcium, potassium, and iron. Countries like China use alfalfa pastures to improve pork quality.In a research study by the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology, pigs were fed diets with 0%, 5%, 10%, and 15% alfalfa dietary fiber for 28 days.

The research concluded that alfalfa-containing diets have significant impacts on microbiota composition. By increasing the beneficial bacteria in the intestines, alfalfa dietary fiber helps to decrease harmful bacteria.

Berberine HCl – This ingredient is a quarternery ammonium salt that is used to treat atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, obesity, and metabolic diseases. Berberine is found in the roots and bark of Chinese plants such as Huang Lian (Coptis chinensis).

Past studies reported in the Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology indicate that berberine produces short chain fatty acids in the gastrointestinal microbiota. The bacteria producing fatty acids protect the mucosa from damage from pathogens by supplementing the gut with colonocyte nutrients and reducing inflammation.

Fennel seed – Fennel seeds or sauf are eaten after meals to improve digestive health. These aromatic seeds contain fiber, calcium, and vitamin C.

According to research reviews by the Journal of Medical Surgical Nursing Practice and Research fennel seeds or Foeniculum vulgare has been used in traditional medicine to treat digestive, endocrine, respiratory, and reproductive ailments. Fennel seeds are also effective galactagogues as they improve breast milk supply.

Kale – This cruciferous vegetable is a rich in antioxidants, calcium, iron, and vitamins C and K among other nutrients. And because of this, it tops the list of the healthiest superfoods.

A research study in the Microorganisms journal, investigated the effect of supplementing high-fat diet with kale in mice which resulted in a 79% increase in Bacteroidia composition. The findings proved that kale is a superfood that modulates microbiota composition and reduces inflammation.

Lactobacillus acidophilus – This ingredient is a bacterium that occurs naturally in the human body and fermented foods. It supports digestion and provides other health benefits.According to an analysis by the BMJ journal, gut microbiota dysbiosis is the leading cause of obesity and metabolic complications.

This could be reversed through improving gut microbiota composition which lead to benefits including such as fermenting the non-digestible substrates, reducing the risk of obesity, and alleviating inflammatory bowel disease.


What is the Science of ActivatedYou Morning Complete?

ActivatedYou Morning Complete works through its ingredients to promote overall wellbeing. This supplement contains prebiotics, probiotics, green superfoods, metabolic enhancing ingredients, antioxidants, sugar support agents, adaptogens, and cellular support ingredients. Combined, these ingredients work synergistically to improve digestion and absorption of food, sugar levels, resistance to stress, body metabolism, and liver function.


Frequently Ask Question (FAQs)

Q: Where Can You Buy ActivatedYou Morning Complete? How Much Does it Cost?
A: This supplement can be bought online from ActivatedYou official website. 1 jar of Morning Complete costs $79.00, 3 jars cost $213.00, and 6 jars cost $403.00.

Q: How Do You Take ActivatedYou Morning Complete?
A: ActivatedYou recommends users to take one scoop dissolved in a glass full of water. A jar of Morning Complete will last for 30 days

Q: What is the Refund Policy for ActivatedYou Morning Complete?
A: This product comes with 90-day return policy. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, call the company’s refund line to get assistance on how to return the product.

Q: What Do the Reviewers Think of ActivatedYou Morning Complete?
A: Morning Complete got 4.3 stars out of the719 reviews at one online platform. This rating is quite good, meaning that most consumers were happy with their purchase. Users who shared positive reviews claimed that they experienced a boost in their energy levels, less bowel movements, and reduced food intolerances.

I have been taking Morning Complete for almost a month now and I am starting to see the effects, it has a good taste, not chalky, help me to get through my day better. ~ by Leon

I found this product a couple of months ago and after trying so many other healthy options both prescribed and off the shelf, I stumbled across this range. I have suffered from low energy, fatigue, brain fog for three years from Ross River (mosquito virus). I had forgotten what having ‘normal energy levels’ feels like. In such a short space of time, after putting this into my daily smoothies, I have noticed my bloating reduce and my energy levels rise better than I have felt in years. I can’t thank you enough for helping me to feel like my old self again. Thank you! ~ by Kelly S.

I’ve been taking Morning Complete every day for two months and my results have been positive so far. I wouldn’t say I have had any significant weight change, but I have had other great results, I hardly have any bloat, I haven’t been constipated, my energy level has increased and the most surprising of all after a weekend of drinks and eating badly and partying I woke up just fine. I am now recommending it to a lot of people. ~ by Alejandra Alvarado

I tried this product after several months of struggling with stress-related IBS. I previously tried fermented foods and probiotics but nothing helped as much as taking Morning Complete and AdrenaLife together did. ~ by Stephanie

Q: Does ActivatedYou Morning Complete Have Any Side Effects?
A: The manufacturer did not outline any side effects. Besides some customers reported that the product helps handle their energy needs will no issues.

Q: How Does ActivatedYou Morning Complete Compare to Other Similar Products?
A: Morning Complete ranges with high end dietary supplements. Most wellness drinks touted to promote general health are sold as isolated drinks such as pomegranate juice. This supplement may therefore have an advantage over the others because it contains multiple blends in its formula.

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Q: How Long Will It Take to See Results With ActivatedYou Morning Complete?
A: The length of time for the supplement to work may vary from one consumer to the next. For instance, some reviewers mentioned that they noticed instant results while others claimed that they experienced the results after drinking the product regularly for months.

Q: Is ActivatedYou Morning Complete Worth It?
A: Yes, ActivatedYou Morning Complete is worth it because of different reasons. It ingredients are prime and many consumers share that they have experienced satisfactory results, this supplement could be worth trying.

Q: Is ActivatedYou Morning Complete Safe?
A: Yes, this product is safe. Morning Complete is formulated using natural ingredients only thus it may have little to no side effects at all. For users with food allergies, it is better to consult first before consuming this product because the manufacturer has not disclosed whether the formula contains allergens or not.

Q: Does ActivatedYou Morning Complete Work?
A: Based on the ingredients present, this blend works to promote digestive health as well as overall wellbeing. The ingredients used also have scientific backing.



ActivatedYou Morning Complete is a dietary supplement that contains multiple ingredients in its formula. This is one of the probiotic supplements which enhances overall health by boosting body metabolism, improving digestion, and supporting immune health.

This product is formulated using natural ingredients thus causes no side effects. For this reason, most consumers can take the product. However, if you have a serious condition or you are under medication, it is better to consult your doctor before starting to use the supplement.

While this product works well on most users, it is important to still maintain a healthy diet. That is, in order to stay healthy, proper diet and regular exercise should be incorporated in your lifestyle.

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